Monday, March 14, 2005

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This is my first blog page - I want to see how it works
I am currently working at Computer Sciences Corporation as a Level 2 Helpdesk analyst (well it is called Remote Resolution Analyst). I am doing fairly well, but the job can be a little mundane at times. I am currently in training for UNIX support (06/21/05) - on Friday my instructor leaves for another job so I will be pretty much on my own then.

10/19/05 – I am now one of two people that manage UNIX support at the Level 2 helpdesk for all of Pratt Whitney – For the rest of the week the other person is out so I am on my own (. I have pretty much completed the learning stage for the support and am really looking for something more challenging.

06/25/05 I am currently reading several books including "Streams of living water" by Ruth Paxson - a good book on the deeper christian life.

10/19/05 – I am currently reading “Learning maps and memory skills” on mind mapping. It is proving interesting and I hope to implement some of the idas

10/19/05 I am reading “Goals” by Brian Tracy – this book is very good and full of excellent ideas – I am over half way through and have just purchased my own copy.

06/21/05 Cashflow Quadrant - a good read on the theory of money and how we are to handle it. (follow up book to "Rich Dad Poor Dad").

10/19/05 – I am reading “Business school for people that like to help people” By Robert Kiyosaki – this book is on MLM – and it appears that he highly recommends MLM (of the right kind) for building finances and business knowledge. Currently Looking into USANA and Legal. USANA does not appear to have quite enough product differentiation.

06/21/05 We are currently watching a set of video's from AIG ( which are quite good. I reccomend their book "Professor Fuzzy" as an excelent introduction to the basic philiosphical differences around us today and how we as christians need to view these "worldviews".    

10/19/05 Still trying to get my hands on a full set of videos by Major Ian Thomas – need to make contact with publisher again.

10/19/05 Just Purchased an Axim X5 300 palmtop – no accessories – should get it inside of a week – hope this helps with my scheduling

10/19/05 Cashflow 101 by Kiyosaki was pretty good – trying to get a copy of Cashflow 202 now without paying an arm and a leg. Looks like it will be all of $100 – hope to have it in time for this holiday season.

10/19/05 – nex day off is the 25th – family planning day – making a list of things about which we should talk
10/19/05 Putting together a list of foods for a large Salad bar. Eating out with the grandparents was very nice but the Salad bar was disappointing so I am working on creating our own. May even buy one every other month. It sounds so good I can hardly wait for the fast to be over.

10/19/05 Orcutts visit scheduled on the 29th (I think) may have their PC fixed by then if they will let me know what they want to do about its problems.