Saturday, July 18, 2009

Facebook advertising

One of my clients has decided to run a simple advertisement on facebook - the stats so far are interesting. We choose to go with pay per impressions to start with. The ad links through to a page on facebook, so there is a 'fan' link at the bottom of each ad.

Currently we are seeing
a) 1000 impressions per actions
b) 1.8 actions per fan
c) 8 fans per person who follows one of the links on the facebook page through to our website
d) 2 people on our website per 1 who fills out the form for the free promotional item.

This will bear watching to see how things develop as we attempt to tweak the settings

(UPDATE) We tried an ad the directed people to the website form directly instead of going through a facebook page - all that seemed to do was drop us straight down to step c - which means fewer fans but the same number of website visits per advertising $.