Friday, July 29, 2011

Discounted prices on books and software

So I have been poking around the internet for years and during that time I have kept my eye out for anything of interest related to my other principal information source - Books.

Over the years I have of course bumped into many resources some more useful than others. I am not able to find a good catalog of useful resources online so I have decided it is time to create my own post here.

I am skipping the obvious like and resources that I have found less than useful.

  • Addall simply the best in price comparison shopping for books
  • book cataloging (I have not been able to find a better product although there are a half dozen fairly good competitors. I have my entire library cataloged and am working on improving my meta tags)
  • Smarter Comics Business books in comic form - some eBooks for free
Always of interest however are discounts on the purchase of books.

Digital Books

Tech eBooks (I check the daily or weekly deals at the following sites)

Software (ok not all books but still interesting)
  • BitsDuJour desktop software - occasionally have a particularly good deal on a unitility such as Directory Opus

Hardware (There are a handful of options but the only one I still find myself going back to is)