Monday, December 03, 2007


I'm 24 this year, and the oldest of a family of 9 children.

We all dream of owning our own homes one day, but are seeing that the usual J.O.B. won't let us get there. This has lead all of us to look at Self Employment where we can leverage our skills to improve our income. My specialty is computers so it did not take me long to start looking at the internet. I had the advantage of finding Stephen Pierce early on, and he introduced me to the concept of Internet Marketing. In many ways he (Stephen) is an ideal match for me, the thing that I appreciate most is his high integrity. As I have studied his materials, I have not found the technical aspects challenging (I face worse every day) but the product side is proving difficult.
I am fairly a-typical in my spending habits so I have a lot of trouble analyzing what people want, what they buy and thus what I should market. The learning process is a little slow, but I think I am making progress and I hope that someday (soon) I will know enough to start making some money online.